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Scuba Diving, Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta, „the“ island away from mass tourism. Above and under the tropical sea, the charming island of Ko Lanta, has a lot to offer. Diving at Ko Lanta is not as famous as Similians, but to compares favourably. The varied dive sites are at a convenient distance, you can reach them with our speedboat in max. 1 hour. So there is lot of time left to discover the island and to relax on the beach.

The island Ko Lanta is about 27 km long and divided up by a 500 m (1500 ft) high range of mountains. On many sites Ko Lanta is still covered by virgil rainforest. The national park Ko Lanta include more then 15 islands, like Ko Rok, which is of tremendous beauty. On the westcoast of Ko Lanta you will find beautiful sandy beaches.

You like to do some dive, do not book your hotel too far down in the south. It’s a long way by car ride to the divecenters, shops, banks and ferrys in Ban Saladan. We recommend for accommondation Klong Dhao and Longbeach, because there you get picked-up with our dive boat 9.00 am directly in front of your resortbeach. At Klong Khong Beach it is possible to get a car pick-up 7.30 am. The east coast of Ko Lanta is surrounded by a belt of mangroves, a formidable experience to go with a longtailboat into the mangrove forest to observe South Thailands wildlife. At the southern rim of the island you will find an old sea gipsy village. The native village of Saladan invites you to go for a stroll and visit some original Thai seafront restaurants. It is highly recommended to discover the island by your own.Take a rental car, motorcycle or enjoy the tropical rain forest by an elephant ride. But the best, go diving at Ko Lanta`s beautyful divesites!


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