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Dive Locations Ko Lanta, Thailand

At our dive locations you will find water temperatures about 28° to 30° C. The visibility under water depends on the dive location and current condition, but mostly between 15 und 40 m. The dive locations are between 30 and max. 60 km away from Ko Lanta. Above the sea bold towering limestone roks with tropical vegetation, the nesting place of Salaganen and Fregatebirds. Under water impressive landscapes, steepwalls, caverns, canyons and lush coralgardens.

Dive Locations Ko Lanta: Ko Ha
30 Min. approach with our speedboat.
Mystic pinnacle covered with mussels, soft and hardcoral. The six rocky islands offer a plenty of divesites with chimneys, caverns, steepwalls and a dome with a ceiling full of stalactites, an adventure to dive. Unforgettable dives with coralfish, squids, scorpion- and lionfish. Clear lagoon with a colorful coralgarden invites also for snorkeling.

Dive Locations Ko Lanta: Hin Daeng/Muang
60 Min. approach with our speedboat.
The most amazing and fantastic divesite in the southern Andaman Sea. Dropoffs, steepwalls and canyons, gorgeous corals, baracuda shoals and the favored spot for whalesharks, manta-rays and great reef sharks. At this dive location you may have strong current and for beginners Hin Muang is partly confeniend only.

Dive Locations Ko Lanta: Ko Rok
50 Min. approach with our speedboat.
Two small paradise islands, with crystal water. We dive in different sites with ancient barrel sponges, murder mussels, lobsters, turtles and big groupers. Easy dive location. Between the two dives we have lunch on the beach and leisure to discover the island.

Dive Locations Ko Lanta: Ko Bidah
30 Min. approach with our speedboat.
Steepwalls richly covered by corals, gorgonian-seafans and barrel-sponges. A great scenery of limestone landscape and rich in various coralfish.You can find blacktip and leopardsharks, hunting macarel, oktopus and seasnake. A dive location for anyone’s taste.

Dive Locations Ko Lanta: Phee Phee
30 Min. approach with our speedboat.
Variation of different divespots around the uninhabitated Island Phee Phee Ley. Dramatic landscape, steepwalls, channels and canyons covered with soft and hardcorals, coralfish, seahorse, nudibranches, turtles and leopardshark waiting for you. Easy dive location.

Dive Locations Ko Lanta: Ko Ma und Hin Bidah
25 Min. approach with our speedboat.
Coralgarden and submerged reef, between hardcoral and giant mussels are rare crabs and shrimps to find, manners of scorpion-, lion- and boxfish This submerged reef is well known for leopardsharks. Often you can see them sleeping on the sand. Beautiful underwater landscape. Easy dive location.

Dive Locations Ko Lanta: Anemonenreef/Kingcruiser
60 min. approach with our speedboat.
This dive locations are between Phuket und Phee Phee Island. A not very interesting wreck down to 30 m. Anemone reef, small underwater bolder with nice softcoral. On request only.


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