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All our dive courses follow the PADI guidelines.

Dive Course in Thailand – Discover Scuba Diving

Do you like snorkeling and discover the spectacular underwaterworld ? The PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program is „the“ opportunity to discover the underwaterworld in a one day program. After a short introduction you will discover together with a PADI instructor the spectacular underwaterworld. After this phantastic adventure many of our customers will then start a full dive course.



Dive Course in Thailand – Scuba Diver Dive Course
You are short in time, then the PADI Scuba Diver is the perfect course for you. The course lasts two full days, the first day you get theory lessons and you will do some confined water skills. The second day you do two dives down to max 12 meters. After being certified you are allowed to dive, max 12m, together with a certified Diver, Dive Master or Instructor. This brevet will be fully accepted as a part of the PADI OPEN WATER DIVER course. So in just two days you will be able to discover the beauty of the underwaterworld.



Dive Course in Thailand – Open Water Diver
The PADI OPEN WATER DIVER course ist he worldwide accepted certification for recreational scuba diving. During this course you get familiar with dive theory, dive security and you will develop your dive skills. The course lasts full three days and step by step you gain dive knowledge and  learn all diving skills to be able to start to discover the phantastic underwaterworld.

Dive Course Program :

  • 1st day : Lesson 1-3 in dive theory, 1-3 confined water lessons.
  • 1st day : Lesson 4-5 in dive theory, 4-5 confined water lessons.
  • 2nd day : open water dive 1-2, down to max. 12m.
  • 3rd day : open water dive 3-4, down to max. 18m.

After a final test you will become a certified  PADI OPEN WATER DIVER.

Our recommendation: Practize some more Open Water Dives after this course to improve your just achieved diving skills.Day after day you will be more fascinated by the  gorgeous underwaterwold.




Dive Course in Thailand – Advanced Open Water Course
Do you want to improve your diving skills? The PADI ADVANCED COURSE offers many possibilities. The course contains five dives and you can achieve this additional certification in 3 days only. The main issue of this course is to improve your theoretical and practical dive skills. You will do your first deep dive down to 30 m and learn more about navigation under water. For the dives 3-5 you can choose  three more specialty dives out of the PADI ADVANCED COURSE program.

We recommend: PEAK PERFORMANCE BUYONCY, UNDERWATER NATURALIST, MULTI-LEVEL DIVE After being certified, you are now a advanced diver but don`t forget to practise the newly achieved skills. The more you do fun dives after the course the more you become advanced.



Dive Course in Thailand – Enriched Air Dive Course
The technical progress broadens the possibilities of recreational scuba diving. This course is recommended when you like to join a live-aboard dive vacation. Or you plan to do more repetitive dives in a single day. During this two day course you will gain additional knowledge how to enlarge your total bottom time and the specific depth–limits by using enriched air.The Padi enriched air course contains theoretical lessons like how to calculate bottom time and what is about enriched air. A small test and then you are a certified enriched air diver.
Dive Course in Thailand – Emergency First Response,
This one day course ist the condition for the PADI RESCUE DIVER COURSE. You will be trained in emergency skills

Dive Course in Thailand – Rescue Diver Tauchkurs
The PADI RESCUE DIVER COURSE will teach you about accidental preventation and rescue management. This course will boost your self-confidence under and above the water. The 3 day course shows rescue skills in theory and you will train rescue scenarios. In confined as well as in open water.

We recommend: From time to time you should tune–up your rescue knowledge, to be able to help others and yourself in an emergency case.


Dive Course in Thailand – Divemaster Dive Course
The PADI DIVE MASTER COURSE is the first level of the professional PADI dive education system.The course requires minimum three weeks. You learn to develop your skills up to a professional level and the course is condition to become a PADI OPEN WATER INSTRUCTOR. For detailed information please contact us!



Dive Course in Thailand – Specialties
Specialties courses on request


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